The second transboundary project meeting on invasive alien species observatory and network development for the assessment of climate change impacts in black sea deltaic protected areas  was organized on 27 – 29 July 2022 in Thessaloniki, Greece. The meeting was hosted by International Hellenic University (IHU) as a hybrid event with live and online participation of involved partners. The main goal of the event was to review and evaluation of the project action with discussions and decisions updates for the project tasks.  The program of the partners meeting included presentation and discussions within the main objectives of the project as follows:

1st Day

  • Review and Evaluation of Project Actions
  • Review and Evaluation:
    • AT1.2  Collection and management of information on IAS from stakeholders
    • AT1.3 Compilation of the IAS list
    • AT1.4 Meteorological stations purchase and establishment; Meteorological Data

2nd Day

Review and Evaluation:

  • AT1.6  Development of common IAS monitoring protocols and  risk  assessment methodology
  • AT1.7  Implementation of IAS monitoring, first season
  • AT1.8  Capacity building on N2000  mapping in the non-EU project’s nature protected areas
  • AT1.9  IAS risk assessment under  climate change projections
  • AT1.10  Observatory establishment
  • AC1  Communication Strategy
  • AC2  Awareness raising & Communication Information Programs at local level
  • AC3  External Communication and Public Events

3rd day:

  • Financial status. Past and future expenditures
  • Conclusions
  • Steering committee